R.S. Stern Proudly Serves the Ship Supply Needs
of Mid-Atlantic and East Coast Ports

About R.S. Stern

R.S. Stern, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a full service ship chandler that provides provisions, cabin equipment, and technical supplies across all Mid-Atlantic US ports. With roots tracing back to 1870, R.S. Stern is the oldest running chandler in the US. Their long-standing logistics expertise and distributor network adds a tremendous layer of value to Ship Supply while also furthering efforts to maximize our service and coverage portfolio.

Decades of Service Focused on Meeting Ship Supply Needs.

Fully Stocked

With a fully-stocked 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse and contacts with the very best specialty suppliers and distributors, we’ll not only get your order right – we’ll also get it to you right on time.

Nimble and Responsive

We specialize in quick turn-around, and can handle orders for a standard cargo ship crew right up to a full-sized, fully-booked cruise liner.


We’ve serviced the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the USNS Comfort for its Gulf War tour of duty in 1991), along with other US Naval vessels including the USNS Seay and USNS Fisher – two of 11 US Navy ships on long term berth contracts in Baltimore.

Respected and Trusted

We’re members of the International Marine Purchasing Assoc and the International Shipping Suppliers Assoc.

A Full Range of Ship Supplies


For fresh foods, brand name goods and international specialty products we are your one-stop shop. Our warehouse has a fully stocked freezer and cold rooms to keep thousands of items always available with just moments’ notice.

Cabin Stores

We can always supply day-to-day items plus specialty items that may need to be replaced only once in a while (if it broke somewhere out by the Azores, just call ahead – we’ll have one waiting here when you arrive.)

Bonded Stores

Our relationship with Carisam Samuel Meisel allows us to take care of delivery arrangements, paperwork and customs requirements.

Deck & Engine

We use both IMPA and ISSA buying guides and can work from all 6 and 7 digit universal ordering standard codes.

Tools & Chemicals

RS Stern supplies Drew Ashland chemicals and has a large inventory of metric tools. Our stores run from the proverbial toothpicks to anchors, and absolutely everything in between.

Our History

Robert Samuel Stern was a young man of just 22 years of age when he opened his first meat stall in Baltimore’s Lexington Market. The year was 1870, the country’s Civil War had ended less than five years earlier and the city port was growing rapidly – caught in the middle of possibly the greatest economic boom the world has ever seen.

Stern’s avowed determination to sell quality meats at fair prices immediately caught the attention of the maritime trade, and captains of visiting sailing and steamships were soon opening accounts with RS Stern butcher’s stalls all across the city.

By 1910, with Stern’s three sons now helping to run the family business, RS Stern Inc was supplying meats, vegetables and other fresh provisions to the galleys of ships on the Atlantic trade routes and beyond.

Sons Jacob and David Stern, having taken over the business from their late father, in 1929 opened a new office and warehouse on Conway Street (the site of which is now just a baseball’s throw from Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles).

By this time it was not just fresh food they were supplying but also cabin stores and deck & engine supplies – anything and everything their maritime customers could ever need.

The company played a vital part in both World Wars as a war service provisioner and chandler – and in 1943 took over the operations of Joseph J Keegan & Co, serving many of the British ships making the perilous journey between the UK and America’s East Coast during the war years.

In 1958, the Stern family also purchased Krug Westergaard and Boe Inc, taking over that company’s Scandinavian contracts; and in 1972, under the direction of new owner Louis A Crystal and his grandson Alan H Kotz, Stern purchased the Magnus Aske Company.

Alan Kotz, a Baltimore native and graduate of Indiana University, has been at Stern’s helm ever since and celebrated 30 years as company president in 2002.

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